Coconut Chutney with three lentils | Coconut Chutney with three dals

Coconut Chutney with three lentils Three types of lentils and coconut measuring equal to it are ground to a paste. Then it is given a flavourful seasoning with fried mustard seeds and asafoetida. This Chutney is extremely tasty when eaten with hot rice and ghee, or Idli or Dosa.

The three-lentil coconut Chutney can stay fresh at least for a week if refrigerated.

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The lentils should be roasted on a low flame until they lose the raw smell. In this way we can be sure that the lentils are cooked to core.. Take the lentils off the flame when a fine aroma wafts.


The coconut should equal in measure to all the lentils taken together.

Dry Chillies:

This chutney can be made with Dry Chillies or green Chillies. I have used Dry red Chillies along with a few green Chillies.

Coconut Chutney with three lentils | Coconut Chutney with three dals - Recipe Video

Coconut Chutney with three lentils | Coconut Chutney with three dals

Pickles & Chutneys | vegetarian
  • Prep Time 2 mins
  • Cook Time 15 mins
  • Total Time 17 mins
  • Servings 10


  • ¼ cup Black Gram (Urad Dal)
  • ¼ cup Bengal Gram (Chana Dal)
  • ¼ cup Green gram (Moong Dal)
  • ¾ cup Fresh Coconut
  • 4 tbsp Oil
  • 20 - 25 Dry Chillies
  • 5 Green chillies
  • 12 - 15 Garlic Cloves
  • ½ tsp Coriander seeds (Dhaniya Sabut)
  • ¼ tsp Cumin Seeds (Zeera)
  • Tamarind (Imli) – the size of a lemon
  • 1 tbsp Jaggery (Gud)
  • Water – Sufficient to grind the Chutney
  • For the Seasoning:
  • 2 tbsp Oil
  • 1 tsp Mustard seeds
  • ½ tso Cumin (Zeera)
  • 2 Dry Chillies
  • ¼ tsp Asafoetida
  • 2 sprigs Curry Leaves


  1. Heat the oil. Fry the dry chillies and the green chillies till fried well. Keep aside.
  2. Add the three types of lentils in the same oil and fry till well roasted and till the aromas waft out.
  3. When the lentils are turning colour and the aromas begin to waft, add Dhaniya seeds, Garlic cloves. Fry well.
  4. Now add the Coconut pieces and fry. After that add zeera. Fry well.
  5. Take a mixie jar and put in the previously fried red and green Chillies, Tamarind, Jaggery and Salt. Now add the roasted Dal, Coconut pieces and water, and grind. Let the ground mixture be a little coarse.
  6. Now prepare the seasoning, heat oil. Add dry Chillies, Zeera, Asafoetida, Curry leaves, Turmeric, and Salt one by one.
  7. Mix the coarsely ground lentil Coconut paste into the seasoning. Mix well and take off the flame.
  8. If the Chutney does not feel spicy enough, fry a couple of Red Chillies separately, grind and mix in to the Chutney.

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