Kobbari Lauzu | Coconut Burfi | Andhra Style Coconut Barfi

Andhra Style Coconut Barfi Coconut Barfi (or Kobbari Lauz) is made by cooking grated fresh Coconut in Sugar syrup. This is a preparation one can never tire of eating. Moreover, it can be preserved for a long time.

This simple sweet dish requires just three ingredients. Any Telugu person is sure to be filled with nostalgia and the sweetest of remembered experiences at the very mention of this sweet dish. Now a days there are many sweet dishes available to choose from. There was however a time when the Kobbari Lauz was prepared in every home.

Until recently every child who went away to a hostel was given a box of Kobbari Lauz to carry from home. I am one of those lucky ones too, let me tell you!

As I said, only three ingredients go into the preparation of the Kobbari Lauz. But the perfection of the preparation wholly depends on the measure of the sugar and the consistency of the syrup. I have given the details of the method and other tips. Do go through those before starting to prepare the Kobbari Lauz.

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Fresh Coconut:

  • The fresh coconut should be a mature fruit. Tender coconut will not give the perfect taste.

  • It is preferable to grate the coconut. If you are patient enough (like me!) you may grind it rather coarsely in the Mixie.


Generally the measure of sugar is taken as equal to the weight of the grated coconut. I have however taken ½ cup less than that. I find it too sweet if I take equal measures of coconut and sugar.


  • Add the coconut to the sugar syrup as soon as the syrup comes to a one-string consistency. Let the mixture boil until it boils to a white milky, foamy stage.

  • If the syrup is boiled too much it will become crumbly. If it is boiled less, the Barfi will turn out soft and mushy. Wait till the syrup shows a white milky foam. Pour the mixture immediately into the moulds.

A few more Tips:

  • In the olden days the mixture used to spread out on clean kitchen floor smeared with ghee. You may do that. However, it is better to line a plate with butter paper and spread the mixture on it. It is easier to take out the Barfi this way.

  • After the mixture is evenly spread on to the plate, it is better to cut the Barfi into shapes while the mixture is hot. If you wait till the mixture is cooled down, the Barfi shapes may not come out evenly.

  • If the syrup is over cooked and becomes dry and crumbly, add a little bit of water and thing out the Syrup. Spread out in the plate and let the extra moisture dry up.

Kobbari Lauzu | Coconut Burfi | Andhra Style Coconut Barfi - Recipe Video

Kobbari Lauzu | Coconut Burfi | Andhra Style Coconut Barfi

Bachelors Recipes | vegetarian
  • Prep Time 5 mins
  • Cook Time 20 mins
  • Resting Time 1 hr
  • Total Time 1 hr 25 mins
  • Servings 12


  • 2 ½ cups Fresh Coconut (mature fruit)
  • 2 cups Sugar
  • ½ tsp Cardamom (Ilaichi) Powder
  • 1 tsp Ghee
  • ½ cup Water


  1. Grate or coarsely grind the fresh coconut.
  2. Prepare a plate by smearing Ghee all over or line the plate with butter paper.
  3. Add water to the sugar and cook till it gets a one string consistency in thickness.
  4. Add the Coconut to the syrup and let it boil till a white milky foam forms on the mixture.
  5. Add Cardamom powder and mix. Pour the mixture onto the prepared plate and spread evenly.
  6. While the mixture is hot, make cuts in diamond shape or any desired shapes. Separate out the pieces once the mixture cools down.
  7. This Kobbari Lauz remains fresh for more than a month.

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