Dibba rotti recipe | How to make Andhra Minapa Rotti Recipe

Dibba rotti recipe | How to make Andhra Minapa Rotti Recipe - Andhra special Dibba Rotti is both tasty and healthy. It can be made easily by bachelors also. Here is a detailed recipe of this simple Dibba Rotti with images and a video.

Unlike other Rottis, this Telugu special Dibba Rotti is a thick loaf and is crispier on the outside and softer inside. It is ideal fpr Breakfast, Dinner and even suitable in Lunch-Box.

This recipe doesn't take much preparation. It will be ready in just 25 minutes once the batter is ready.

Though it is very simple to make, some tips have to be kept in mind to get a perfect and healthier Rotti. The side dishes which go well with this are given below in tips.

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Dibba Rotti Batter:

1.) First method (which I followed) :

Generally Dibba Rotti is made of Black Gram-2.5 cups and 3 cups of Idli Rawa. The batter used to make Idli also can be made into Dibba Roti, but should be made little sour by leaving it to ferment outside overnight. If you do not prefer sour ones,they can be made with freshly ground batter as well.

2.) Second method :

In earlier days, Godavari district people used Rice Rawa instead of Idli Rawa. And the proportion it is used in is 1 cup Black Gram- 3 cups Rice Rawa.

3.) Third method:

To make it more nutritious, skinned Black Gram, Rice Rawa or Idli Rawa can be used. You can use Parboiled Rice instead of Idli Rawa. It should be coarsely ground. If you want to make it crispier, add more Rawa.

4.) Fourth method:

I used Ground Nut Oil, you can use Butter also for roasting. Some people use Asafoetida added to the Oil. It is your personal preference.

To roast Dibba Rotti:

5.) Roasting in a cast iron pan will give a better taste than making it in a non-stick pan. The thicker the pan, the crispier the Rotti. You can use a pressure-cooker pan, if you do not have an iron one.

6.) In street food stalls, it is properly roasted on both sides on fired charcoal. As it is not convenient to make on a charcoal stove at home, I roasted it on a Dosa Tawa after one side was roasted in the pan.

1.) Jaggery Syrup.

A special syrup is made in Godavari regions with Sugarcane Juice boiled for a long time and strained and packed in bottles. People relish it a lot. As it is not available in all regions, we are making a sticky syrup boiling Jaggery in half cup water. It tastes almost the same.

2.) Powders and Pickles.

You can eat this Dibba Rotti with spicy Powders, Bombay Chutney, Coconut Chutney or Ginger Pickle.

3.) Pour the batter only upto three-fourths the pan, as it tends to rise while cooking.

Dibba rotti recipe | How to make Andhra Minapa Rotti Recipe - Recipe Video

Dibba rotti recipe | How to make Andhra Minapa Rotti Recipe

Breakfast Recipes | vegetarian
  • Prep Time 1 min
  • Cook Time 25 mins
  • Total Time 26 mins
  • Servings 5


  • 350 gms Idli - Batter
  • Salt
  • 1 tsp Cumin
  • 3 tbsp Water
  • 1/3 cup Oil


  1. Add Salt and Cumin to the Idli batter and beat it thoroughly to get softer Rottis.
  2. Use a thick pan coated with Oil all over it. (refer to the tips given).
  3. Pour the remaining oil into the pan. Add Idli batter to it. Place a glass filled with water in the center of the pan and close the pan with a lid. Leave it on a low flame for 25 minutes.
  4. After 25 minutes, poke a toothpick in the Rotti and check whether it is cooked properly or not. The batter should not stick to the toothpick.
  5. Now remove the glass from the center and remove the Rotti onto a plate (you can eat it as it is otherwise).
  6. Roast the other side on a Dosa Tawa, using 1 tablespoon Oil for 10 minutes till it is roasted on the other side also.
  7. You can eat this Dibba Rotti with Jaggery Syrup, spicy Powders, or Chutneys to get an authentic taste.

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