Milk Khoya | Palakova | How to make Palakova Recipe


Milk Khoya | Palakova | How to make Palakova Recipe - Milk Khoya is made across South India. In Andhra, it has a different method for each area. Each style of Milk Khoya has its own speciality.

Some make it red; some like it very sweet. Some make it in flakes, and some others smash it into a soft, butter-like paste. So there are as many varieties of Khoya as there are areas and tastes.

Milk Khoya has a long history. Legendary Telugu poet Kavi Samart Srinatha described Milk Khoya in fond terms. And then there are so many film songs, dialogues and poems about this wonderfully sweet dish.

Ayurveda says those suffering from Migraine can take two spoons of Milk Khoya before sunrise and eliminate the debilitating pain. It is easy to make Milk Khoya, but you need a little bit of patience. It is better to read and understand the tips before you start off!

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Milk Khoya | Palakova | How to make Palakova Recipe


Desi Cow Milk:

• You should use only Desi Cow Milk for Milk Khoya. Only then you get smooth, soft Milk Khoya that melts in your mouth. For my style of Milk Khoya, Cow Milk that has lesser fat is a good option.

• Khoya can be made with Buffalo Milk or Jersey Cow Milk. But because of the excess percentage of fat in it, the Khoya loses its softness and has a different texture. Moreover, Cream forms quickly on the surface, and it does not get dissolved in the Milk.

• I would not say you should not use Buffalo Milk at all, but Cow Milk tastes better for the Khoya. Those who cannot get Cow Milk can use Buffalo Milk with less percentage of fat.

Lemon Juice:

• You need just four drops for this much of Milk. If you have Alum, then use a small piece instead of Lemon Juice. Alum also makes the Khoya look whiter.


• If you like, you could add Jaggery in the same measure as Sugar. But mix Jaggery Syrup instead. And the Khoya will turn red.

Some tips for best Milk Khoya:

  1. To make Khoya from one litre of Milk, you need a pan that can hold three litres of Milk.

  2. For Khoya making, thick, U-shaped iron pans or non-stick pans are better.

  3. Flat spoons that we use for Dosas are best to stir Milk. If you use spoons that you use for Curries, the Milk sometimes gets spoilt.

  4. After you pour Milk in a pan, while it boils on a high flame, you have to keep stirring. If you don’t Cream will form on Milk and that Milk Cream does not melt into Khoya. It remains flaky and affects the taste of Khoya. But if you use Desi Cow Milk, even though some little Cream forms, it is tender and soft and gets dissolved in the Milk. The problem with Buffalo Milk is that the Cream is thick and it won’t get dissolved.

  5. This Milk Khoya does not need Ghee or any other fat. The boiled Milk has a lot of fat and is sufficient to make Khoya.

Milk Khoya | Palakova | How to make Palakova Recipe - Recipe Video

Milk Khoya | Palakova | How to make Palakova Recipe

Sweets | vegetarian
  • Cook Time 45 mins
  • Resting Time 2 hrs
  • Total Time 2 hrs 45 mins
  • Servings 4


  • 1.5 liters Cow Milk
  • 4 drops Lemon Juice
  • 1/2 cup Sugar
  • 1/2 tsp Cardamom Powder


  1. Pour Cow Milk into a pan and keep stirring on a high flame.
  2. In 20 minutes, the Milk is reduced to half, and in 30 minutes it becomes thick like whisked Curds.
  3. Add four drops of Lemon Juice to the Curd-like Khoya and mix well for 5 minutes until it looks like fine Rava.
  4. After 40 minutes, add sugar and mix it to reduce it to 250ml. Then add Cardamom Powder, mix well and remove from fire.
  5. Pour it in a think layer on a plate and leave it for 20 minutes. Then take it off the plate with a flat spoon and serve.

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Milk Khoya | Palakova | How to make Palakova Recipe